Anglian water business plan pr1440b2

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Our business plan 2020-2025

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BUSINESS PLAN: Drinking Water Supply. How does this service contribute to the results identified in the City of London Strategic Plan? A strong economy A vibrant and diverse community A green and growing City A sustainable infrastructure A caring community.


Anglian Water has revealed how it wants to spend £bn to protect the region’s water supplies in the coming years. Business editor Mark Shields takes a look at five things we learned from the plan. Making water count – business plan /25 South Staffs Water (incorporating Cambridge Water) 1 Anglian Water and Severn Trent Water provided sewerage bill profiles, inflation and ODI impacts to allow the accurate testing of uninformed affordability of the combined bill.

The Water Audit Experts at H20 Building Services recently reported incorrect water bills issued by both South Staffs Water and Anglian Water. Further water bills received today issued again by Anglian Water are also incorrect, the errors appear to be on the trade effluent charges. Anglian Water has confirmed a pledge to keep bill increases under the rate of inflation up to the year A business plan submitted to Ofwat also reveals the company will target extra help for.

Anglian Water to invest £5bn to tackle

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Anglian water business plan pr1440b2
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