Attractive industries

What Characteristics Make an Industry Attractive to Entrepreneurs?

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An attractive industry is one in which firms are able to generate and claim or appropriate profits. Some scholas believe that threats to profitability arise from the structural characteristics of an industry. Working in an attractive industry is helpful, but it isn’t a prerequisite.

Many great business models have been created in bad industries by carving out attractive customer segments, niches, or both. Our final entry will wrap up the "green dot" list - places to find attractive companies for investment. To tell you the truth, this article was the longest one to put together in the series.

The other 4 "green dot" industries we investigated are clearly outstanding business models in today's day and age. In conjunction with the knowledge that manufacturers hold valuable sensitive information, manufacturers are an increasingly attractive prospect for threat actors. Attractive Industries Michael Porter’s Five Force Model is one of today’s leading models on how certain forces that arise within industries creates change in both a negative and positive aspects.

What Characteristics Make an Industry Attractive to Entrepreneurs?

There are particular industry characteristics to look for that can help project a firm's profitability and chances of survival.

Attractive industries
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