Building conservation and restoration

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Building Conservation & Restoration

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Conservation activities include preventive conservation, examination, documentation, research, treatment, and education.

Bates Boatyard, Wooden narrowboat, Restoration, Traditional Sideslip, Dry Dock

This field is closely allied with conservation science, curators and registrars. Building Conservation & Restoration. When you consider the longevity of an oak tree, it comes as no surprise that timber frames made from oak account for some of the oldest and most beautiful historic buildings in Europe.

A family tradition since Building Conservation is the art of restoring historic structures to their former glory with the least amount of input and the least amount of destruction of historic fabric possible, it is the art of retention of patina, it is knowledge of material, traditional building techniques, understanding of surroundings and appreciation of style and design.

Inthe Building Conservation Trust (BCT) received its (c)(3) status and was officially created as CCA’s National Habitat Program, dedicated exclusively to the business of funding marine habitat creation and restoration in areas that can be accessed and enjoyed by recreational anglers.

Home. Conservation & Restoration (Ireland) is one of the Country’s leading building restoration and conservation companies.

In bringing together our knowledge and expertise and experience we can offer clients a comprehensive service ranging from consultation, design, project management, supply of stone through to expert cleaning conservation and restoration of building facades both as a. RDF are experts in Building Conservation and Listed Building Restoration.

Specialists in the Restoration & Conservation of Historic Buildings

Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, RDF offer building knowledge and detailed architectural research to specify the correct materials and appropriate schedule of works.

Building conservation and restoration
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