Chagoya thesis antithesis

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A large drawing from titled Thesis/Antithesis reveals how deeply embedded such dialectical formulations are in Chagoya's practice. Typical of the earliest works included in the show in medium and style, this oversize drawing is rendered in black charcoal and.

Enrique Chagoya, "Thesis/ Antithesis," ; Charcoal and pastel on paper, (Enrique Chagoya photo), Feb. May Talk:Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

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Mar 04,  · Taking his cue from Hegel, Chagoya named it Thesis/Antithesis (). In his Artist’s Statement, he writes that his art is “a product of collisions between historical visions, ancient and modern, marginal and dominant paradigms—a thesis and antithesis—in mind of the viewer.

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Chagoya thesis antithesis
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