Gay rights in huey newtons 1970 speech

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Huey P. Newton

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The speech was given on August 15, and the theme of the speech is for people to fight for their own liberation. In Huey Newton’s “The Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements” speech, he motivates his intended audience during the Gay Rights Movement by using the rhetorical strategies pathos and punctuation.

Huey P.

Huey Newton Backed Gay Rights In 1970 Speech

Newton, one of the most infamous leaders of the Black Panthers, has for decades represented a hyper-masculine perspective on the struggle for African-American equality and righteousness.

Huey Newton Backed Gay Rights In Speech. Written By: Chad So it may come as a surprise to some of his admirers that he also. While Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton was a controversial figure in the civil rights movement, he was also a surprisingly early supporter of.

Jan 21,  · Huey Newton's August 15, Speech About Gay and Women's Rights TransGriot Note: Another blow to the false 'Black people are more homophobic' meme. Check out this interesting speech by Black Panther Party co-founder and Minister of Defense Huey P.

Newton concerning the issues of gay rights and women's rights. In after his release from prison, Civil Rights Greensboro: Huey P.

Huey P. Newton on gay, women’s liberation

Newton; Video interview on African American History Channel; Online audiorecordings and video of Huey Newton via UC Berkeley Black Panther site; Speech given by Huey Newton "Huey P. Newton". Find a Grave.

Huey P. Newton Gay rights in huey newtons 1970 speech
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Huey P. Newton on gay, women’s liberation