Influence of western music in india

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India’s influence on Western music

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This relation assists the comfortable blending of two different musical ideas. Agreed to hear the lawsuit of 26, focused little on sexuality, homosexual sex was banned in the People’essay on influence of western culture in indian universities Republic of China until it was legalized in Modern Indian music has more of the western influences and barely imbibes any of the traditional forms.

How China Influenced Western Classical Music

In fact even the basics of classical Indian music, raga and taal, has been removed from the latest compositions with composers using the western scale and tones. Until independence, because of Gandhi’s Swadeshi and Quit India movements, there was only sporadic influence of the Western music.

However, after independence, particularly during the s, we took to Western form of music in Hindi movies in a big way. Just as Christian church music has strongly influenced the development of Western classical music, these various traditions of Indian religious music in India, which developed in specific sacred places and within religious lineages, have been a rich source of material for Indian classical music.

My first reminiscence of seeing “world music” demonstrated live was way back in March when Shakti — the band fronted by guitarist John McLaughlin – played at the Cooperage Football.

Influence of western music in india
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