Major career changes

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There are times when changing careers is what you need to do. Everyone, of course, has a different situation -- but these are some of the times when you should at least consider it.

Sometimes it makes sense to go in a different direction. Apr 14,  · As a career coach and a career reinventer myself, I can confidently say that changing your career to something that is more suited to your values.

Set forth below are six unconventional tips for making a mid-life career change. Please read all six, and, if at the end of the article you are convinced that the key to a successful transition is the integration of life, work and money goals, please check out the other articles on the Passion Saving approach to money management offered at this site.

Don't change careers because you've had a bad week or been passed over for a promotion, or because your boss is a jerk. Only do so when it makes sense for you, and really consider your decision.

Lessons from the new world of quicksilver work, where “career planning” is an oxymoron.

Major career changes
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