Oil refinery business plans

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Palm Oil Processing Business Plan

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Iraq to build oil refinery in Fao with Chinese firms, plans 3 others

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Nigeria is set to get another new oil refinery as a government push to end fuel imports attracts investors to the industry.

Petrolex Oil & Gas Limited plans to build a $bn plant with a capacity ofbarrels a day, its Chief Executive Officer, Segun Adebutu, said in an interview with Bloomberg in Lagos. For the first time in 40 years, major oil refineries are being planned for construction in the United States.

MMEX Resources and Raven Petroleum both have plans for new refineries to go online in in Texas, near the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale, respectively.

Oil refinery construction in the United States is a rare occurrence; only 14 smaller facilities were built in the past After processed in palm oil refinery plant, the final oil product is a kind of premium edible oil of consistent quality which not only satisfies customer requirements and industry’s standards in respect of Iodine Value, FFA, flavor, color, melting point, peroxide value, impurities and moisture.

Oil refining is a difficult business and margins are painfully slim. Economies of scale are critical to maintaining a viable business. Now coming to the question of time.

Oil refinery business plans
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Iraq to build oil refinery in Fao with Chinese firms, plans 3 others | Reuters