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What is iterative development?

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Glossary of Supply Chain Terms

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What is Agile Marketing?

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Agile software development

Agile marketing is a marketing approach that involves being open and responsive to change, rather than following a set, specific marketing plan. Inbound Logistics' glossary of transportation, logistics, supply chain, and international trade terms can help you navigate through confusion and get to the meaning behind industry jargon.

PLAY 2 Address the whole experience, from start to finish.

Plan for backup and recovery in SharePoint Server

We need to understand the different ways people will interact with our services, including the actions they take online, through a mobile application, on a phone, or in person. The business plan is an iterative process that never stops.

As you plan you refine the product and the business model. And those changes, what you discover and think about, refine the business plan. You have a new venture in mind. And you've crafted a business plan so detailed it's a work of art.


Don't get too attached to it. As John Mullins and Randy Komisar explain in Getting to Plan B, new businesses are fraught with uncertainty. If your downstream supply chain needs help, you're not alone. Suboptimal warehouses, worker shortages, complex processes, or outdated technology are some of the most common culprits, not to.

Site help with business plan iterative
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